Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Persuasive Writing

Last week in Te Ngahere we wrote persuasive pieces of writing. We were learning to use the correct structure for a persuasive piece of writing. We have been doing persuasive pieces
of writing for a while now. My writing is about plastic bags. I need to work on not putting capitals everywhere. Here is my writing.

Should Plastic Bags Be Used At

Plastic bags are all over the world. Plastic bags are destroying the world. Humans use a lot of plastic bags each year that you can wrap around the
earth over fifty five times with plastic bags. I think that we should use reusable bags instead of plastics bags at the supermarket because of these reasons.

Sea animals are dying because of plastic bags. Humans don’t think plastic
bags are food but sea animals do. Turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish
so that's why some turtles are dying.Some sea animals think that little pieces
of plastic bags are plankton and they think it is a whole group of them so they
eat a lot, and the little pieces of plastic bags will get stuck in their throats.

There is enough plastic bags to circle the globe sixty three times. When the plastic bags get to the landfill and trash buries the plastic bags, the trash on
top of the plastic bags make not much oxygen for the bags so it slows down
the process. Some people say that plastic bags will never break down.

When you melt plastic bags it releases a gas into the air which then goes into the ozone layer which makes a hole that makes it hotter, then icebergs melt
and makes the water higher and also kills the sea animals living on the ice bergs. It creates greenhouse gasses.

For all of these reasons I think that we should not have plastic bags in the
world or at supermarkets.

By Brodi Brljevich

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