Thursday, March 9, 2017

Yummy Tangelo


I saw the Tangelo in my hand it looked like a bumpy ball. It smelt like sweet smell. I rubbed it slowly in my hand it was soft and mushy like the mussel on my leg. I slowly tear off the Tangelo’s skin it sounds like a snapping sound. It Tasted like a mandarin but sweeter. As I put it in my mouth the juice oozed down my mouth. It was yummy. The pips were hard as rocks. I loaded the tangelo quickly into my mouth because it was so good, I even devoured the pips.

This is my Tangelo story. I was learning to use Adverbs in my story. I think I have to work on doing Adverbs next week. I think I did well at describing the Tangelo by using my five sense’s, Look, smells, tastes, sounds, feels.
I think I did good at using my  5 senses.

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