Friday, February 17, 2017

I Remember


I Remember…

Dipping my feet in the cold water, wanting to get in.
Then a big splash, I jumped in, it was warm just like a bath.
I put my head under and looked at all beautiful shells they had so many colors.
As the waves go past they push me back like I’m in a storm.
As I come out the sand sticks to my feet like I’m a magnet.
I grab my towel to warm up to be like a hot water bottle.
That was my summer.

I was learning to write my own descriptive writing about my Summer. Notice the
structure used in the exemplar. I had to describe something I was talking about.  
Making writing interesting for audience by using descriptive adjectives, verbs and
nouns. To edit and recraft my writing. I think I need to improve on making things
more descriptive. What I think I did well,  I did a good story with some similes.

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