Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Shattering Breakthrough

Last week the green reading group read a book called A Shattering Breakthrough. We were learning to answer inference questions. We had to answer questions about the book it was really fun. Here is my slide show A Shattering Breakthrough.


  1. Hello Brodi
    I'm Fraidoon from Panmure Bridge School. This is a great presentation you have created. I like how you have different colours on each slide. I also like the green you have used to show that you are in the green group. Maybe next time you could use quotes for the title, and did you learn anything about your book? Other than that you have done an awesome job. Keep it up. :)
    - Fraidoon

  2. Hi Brodi,
    I'm Zahra from Panmure Bridhe School. This presentation about "A Shattering Breakthrough" is very interesting. I like how you have added different colours on each slide. I never knew that it took Benedictus 24 hours to devolop the safety class. Maybe next time you could could change the colour of the slides so you can read the text properly or highlight the text the colour white. Did you learn anything interesting about the book?
    - Zahra