Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magical Forest with the Beast Animation

Once upon a time there was a magical forest with all sorts of Magical Creatures that were really friendly. But there was a Beast that was a really big spider that eats humans and all of the Magical and friendly Creatures.

One day the Beast had a plan to try and eat all of the Humans and the friendly Creatures. The beast never comes out at day. So the Beast decided to go to the magical Creatures and the Humans homes in the day.
The next day he went out to their homes he saw so many magical creatures he could not believe it, he ran and started to eat some of the magical creatures. Then superman came out of nowhere and killed the beast and brought back some of the live’s that the beast killed.

The friendly animals moved to a different magical forest and the humans moved to America and they were for ever safe from the Beast.

I created a fiction character and a setting writing to go with my narrative. My goal in my narrative writing was to use the structure and descriptive words. After that we made an animation that is about our narrative. My animation was about a spider called the Beast that eats the humans and magical creatures.

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